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Sō Percussion

In early 2021, I had the wonderful opportunity to compose a piece for Sō Percussion. Distillō was composed in the desert of Utah in January 2021 while thinking of rainier places. The piece is named for a poem by Basma Kavanagh and is the title of her poetry collection. In a series of poems she describes the species of rain that can be found in the cool, temperate rainforests of the west coast of North America. Distillō silvestris is “a drizzle or trickly of moisture generated within the rainforest; nearly constant, common year-round.”

I wanted to compose something simple, quiet, and still. Thank you Sō for your beautiful performance and for helping to make music that, in Josh's words "doesn't go anywhere." ❤️

Distillo - Full score
Download PDF • 368KB

Distillō by Liam Elliot

Performed by Sō Percussion

Video by Four/Ten Media

Audio by Andres Villalta


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